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101 Church Ideas

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All kinds of ideas for all kinds of churches.

This eBook contains 101 different ideas to help you with discipleship, outreach, social media, communication, volunteers, and more.

When  you work at a church, it can be tough to see what's working at other churches. That's why we're bringing you 101 great ideas in an ebook with pictures and inside information. 

Jumpstart discussions with your staff and volunteers

When you see something working in another church, talk about it with your team and see if it will work in your setting. Sometimes, ideas from other churches trigger even better ideas of your own. 

Get inspired to do something better

With 101 different ideas in this resource, you’ll probably see something brand new. But you’ll also see ways to improve existing programs, ministries, and church activities.

You'll be more interesting at the denominational meetings

When a group of pastors is discussing ministry at the potluck luncheon, you’ll be able to chime in with an interesting idea nobody else knows, making it more likely you’ll be nominated for that coveted committee position.