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20 Lessons that Build a Leader 5-Pack

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Mentorship begins with taking a risk. Risking a little bit of your time and sharing a little bit of your wisdom with someone else, while fighting the urge to disqualify yourself. Why is mentorship important? Because that's how you go from being a follower to a leader.

So, grab 20 Lessons that Build a Leader 5-Pack by Vince Miller for your small group and start growing into bold leaders who live with conviction.

Each bundle includes 5 copies of 20 Lessons that Build a Leader.

Vince Miller inspires men to lead, mentor, and disciple others with an intelligent argument for faith, inspiring presentation of the gospel, and stories of choices he made as a man, husband, and father.

After serving in notable ministry organizations for over 28 years (including Young Life, InterVarsity, TCU Football, and Eagle Brook Church), Vince founded Resolute, a non-profit organization focused on providing men with tools for discipleship and mentorship. He’s written 16 books and handbooks, along with small group videos that are resources for mentorship.