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43 Junctures with Jesus: Encouragement for Caregivers

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Certainty of God’s Presence While Caring for Those with Dementia

In Junctures with Jesus, Joni Wyatt shares the details of her difficult, yet rewarding, journey of caring for her parents in the grip of Alzheimer’s disease through a series of devotionals that provide hope and help to the ones who suffer alongside their loved one—the caregivers. It offers a series of memorable moments that remind us of God’s grace in the midst of the ups and downs of caring for those whom we cherish.

Each devotion offers a prayer and relevant Scripture, as well as:

  • An inside look at the unforeseen challenges of caring for those with Alzheimer’s
  • Encouragement to help accept and grieve a diagnosis of dementia
  • Ways to look for joy and peace in the midst of difficult times
  • How to graciously navigate through the varying stages of Alzheimer’s

Whether your loved one is newly diagnosed with dementia or you’ve been on this wild ride for some time, this devotional will give you the courage, confidence, help, and hope you need to journey through this challenging disease with your loved one.

Author: Joni Wyatt