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Accepting the Mark of the Beast: The Final Test of Man's Allegiance to God

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Eschatology, or the study of the end times, references many things like plagues, death, and a great final spiritual battle. It also notes another event that will take place during all of this chaos—the creation and subsequent dissemination to the masses of the Mark of the Beast.

The Bible indicates that the mark will be on the hand or forehead, denoting that the individual has pledged their allegiance, perhaps even unwittingly, to the Beast in order to survive.

There is much ambiguity as to what the Mark of the Beast will look like or how we will be able to distinguish its nefarious intentions. How can be on guard against this evil that we know will someday manifest itself?

Join author Karen Phillips, M.Div., as she unpacks Scripture, explores signs, and gives insight that may help interpret things to come—and aid discerning Christians who look to follow God’s Word amid the end times.

Author: Karen P. Phillips, M. Div.