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Care Revolution: A Proven New Paradigm for Pastoral Care

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There is a missing link in our ministry efforts. Somewhere along the line, we have erroneously made pastoral care the sole responsibility of the pastor. We assumed the clergy are the ones that do ministry, while the laity watches ministry being done.

We need a new paradigm. For the most part, we provide crisis care instead of pastoral care in our churches. The ensued problem is that when the crisis is over, so is the care. This makes people feel unattached, insecure and neglected, which often results in them falling through the cracks or slipping through the proverbial back door.

The Care Revolution provides the answer. It presents a proven, efficient and workable system that enables believers to care for one another, making sure everyone experiences a sense of belonging and acceptance. When church members are trained and developed to connect and care for each other it meets a crucial need that is entirely biblical and should be part of the ongoing ministry of every congregation.
Pastoral Care is a Collaborative Effort

The Pastor cannot do it alone! Effective pastoral care just happens when pastors and members collaborate in their ministry-efforts. It is only when a congregation is cared for and nurtured that it becomes healthy and consequently has the ability to evangelize more effectively. A hurting and or dysfunctional church simply cannot do it.

Evangelism and pastoral care are not contrary to each other--the one depends on the other. Author, Dr. John Bosman, has been a pastor for most of his adult life. Immediately before entering into his present international ministry, he served as the lead pastor of Glad Tidings Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana, for 15 years. Under his leadership, the church grew from fewer than five hundred to a thriving congregation that now occupies a 3,000-seat, state-of-the-art worship center.

John has served in both regional and national leadership roles within his denomination. He was a member of the Board of Regents of a stateside university as well as a Bible College in Russia. He is also the founder of both the JWB Institute for Leadership and Laity Development and Hamilton Christian Academy.John and his wife, Anne (who is also an ordained minister), live in Frisco, Texas. Together, they minister nationally and internationally. They have two sons and five grandsons.