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Care Revolution Handbook for Participants

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The Care Revolution has helped pastors across the world understand that congregational care isn’t a calling they should handle alone. It’s a ministry that must be member-run, ensuring that all believers in a church are equipped for works of service and be involved in caring for God’s people.

But knowing this is just the first step. Now, with the Care Revolution Handbook for Participants, you can discover exactly how, as church members, to seve in the Care Ministry Network. Discover this proven system of congregational care that provides a safety net for churches to prevent people from falling through the cracks (or slipping out the backdoor).

Developed by Dr. John Bosman, this comprehensive companion handbook is a practical guide that’s grounded on intensive Scriptural references.

Join the church care revolution today! 

Author Dr. John Bosman has been a pastor for most of his adult life. Before beginning his current international ministry, he served as the lead pastor of Glad Tidings Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana for 15 years. Under his leadership, the church grew from 500 to a thriving congregation of over 3,000.

John has served in regional and national leadership roles within his denomination. He was a member of the Board of Regents of a stateside university as well as a Bible College in Russia. He’s also the founder of the the JWB Institute for Leadership and Laity Development and Hamilton Christian Academy.

John and his wife, Anne, (also an ordained minister) live in Frisco, Texas. They minister national and internationally, and have two sons and five grandsons.