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Connecting the Dots: Connecting Everyday Life Experiences to Spiritual Truths

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Sometimes life appears to be a series of unconnected, unrelated events. We may wonder about God’s plan for our lives when it seems to be so random and we can’t see the big picture.

But God is creating His beautiful masterpiece in you. As you connect your life events, the “dots,” through these daily devotionals, a glorious picture begins to emerge of His grace, faithfulness, and love for you.

Author and pastor Deanna M. Young sees how the “stuff” of life teaches us about God’s unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness. Regardless of circumstances, if we allow God full access to our lives, He will continue to add to that exquisite masterpiece that He is creating out of us.

Connecting the Dots is a year’s worth of daily devotionals that will provide a clear lens to help you recognize the connections in your life events and understand how they are all proof of God’s presence in your life, today and in the future.

Author: Rev. Deanna M. Young