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Connecting With God In Prayer

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A Special Edition of The Practice of the Presence of God (Brother Lawrence) and The Kneeling Christian (Albert Richardson)

Experience God’s Presence and the Power of Prayer

These classic texts have helped millions of believers grow closer to God through prayer and learning how to yield everyday moments to the Lord. In this volume you’ll discover…

  • Proven ways to let go of concerns that usher anxiety and anger into your life and pull you away from God.
  • Practical instruction on how to pray, God’s promises about prayer, and how the Lord answers the prayers of His children.

In addition, you will find these special features in this accessible and easy to read volume:

  • Margin Notes that provide Scripture references and quick definitions of older, more obscure words.
  • Wide Margins perfect for jotting insights inspired by these compelling devotions.
  • A Reading Plan & Discussion Questions to get conversations rolling for reading this book together with friends, family, a book club, or a small group.

Brother Lawrence (1611–1691) worked in a monastery kitchen in Paris. His practice of cultivating an awareness of God in everyday moments gave him tranquility and sense of purpose.

Albert Ernest Richardson (1868–1964) was an Anglican priest who discovered that when prayer powered his missionary and ministry work everything changed—and so did he.