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Creative Caregiving and Beyond

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How to Develop a Family Caregiving Plan That Works for You

Caretaking is not an easy task; it takes quite a toll on the caregiver and the loved one. For many, it is not easy watching their parents or loved ones age and need constant assistance with everyday tasks.
In Creative Caregiving and Beyond, readers can explore new approaches and ideas surrounding caregiving. The book also walks caretakers through the process—beginning with having the often difficult conversation with their loved one, to deciding what course of action ideally fits their unique situation.

Join author Wendy Whiteman as she guides family members who may be nervous or fearful of providing appropriate care to their elderly loved ones. Learn how to ease the struggles faced by such families as well as the elder in question, while enhancing the relationship between elder and family caregiver.
Author:  Wendy Williams Whiteman