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Effective Evangelism Strategy Among Filipino Immigrants

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Reaching the lost

Deep within the heart of every human being is a desperate yearning for belonging. Many stumble through life, simply finding superficial happiness in money, things, or relationships. They don’t understand that there is someone who can satisfy that deeper longing—in part because no one has been bold enough to share the gospel with them.

Evangelism is not a choice; it is a divine calling to share the good news to the ends of the earth with every tribe and nation. One such group in the United States is Filipino immigrants, whose population totals 3.4 million. This particular people group has specific needs and questions pertaining to Christianity that must be understood if they are to be reached for Christ.

Join author Jake Bolotano as he walks the reader through his experience as a pastor to the Filipino people. This book details what he learned and how Christ used him as a light to the Filipino community in order to further the kingdom of God.