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Face Time with God: Growing In Intimacy with God Through Prayer and Journaling

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Creating a spiritual legacy

In the Old Testament, the priests served as the liaison between the people and God. In order to atone for their sins and communicate with God, the people sacrificed burnt offerings.

Once Jesus paid our debt on the cross, everything changed. We now have complete access to God through the blood of Christ. It’s so simple—yet we take it for granted. The apostle Paul understood the power of prayer, as he implored the believers in Thessalonica to “Pray without ceasing,” in Thessalonians 5:17.

But how often do we practice this? Do we take time to petition and record our requests to God in writing, along with meditating and recounting all He has done for us?

Join author Mindy Bunting O’Connor as she reveals the secret to deeper intimacy with Christ: prayer journaling. Readers will learn the importance of recording their prayers, so they can see just how God continues to work in their lives—even amid the difficult seasons.