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Faith and Fitness: Integrating Physical Health with Spiritual Growth

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What if growing in your faith involved more than spiritual disciplines? What if God didn't just care about your soul, but how you care for your body as well?

In Faith and Fitness: Integrating Physical Health with Spiritual Growth, Certified Trainer and Functional Nutritionist Adam Braud engages these questions and more.

With decades of experience in ministry and the fitness industry, this ebook is the culmination of a journey Adam has been on and has helped others through for most of his life.

The book's first part, Faith, endeavors to build a Biblical foundation for why stewarding the health of our bodies is an essential part of God's desire and design for each of us. From the creation of humanity to the calling of every individual, Adam shows that pursuing physical fitness isn't simply a good or wise thing to do but is actually a part of our worship and devotion to God and those He's called us to reach, love, and impact for the gospel.

In the second part, Fitness, scientific research, and practical application are provided to equip anyone with the clarity they need to begin caring for their bodies well. By focusing on the core pillars of health, Adam provides vital steps and strategies that can be implemented by any individual, no matter their age, sex, weight, or fitness background.

With Faith and Fitness, you'll gain a newfound perspective and fresh motivation to grow spiritually by caring for yourself physically, all to glorify God and love others well