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Following Jesus on the Way

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From the desert to Jerusalem

The desert is a solitary place, where vital resources are scarce. The word desert conjures up images of struggle, hardship, and loneliness.

Yet, it is in the desert that the season of Lent begins. There we find Jesus, fasting forty days, and undergoing temptation by the devil.

God used the desert to prepare Jesus for his mission. What is otherwise a place of desolation and despair became the necessary starting point on the way that led to Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, where he later defeated the powers of sin and death by his cross and resurrection.

Through a series of biblical meditations on Lenten themes, author Christopher Dorn guides readers along this way. Join them in the expectation of a deepened faith and spiritual renewal that can accompany this special season in the Christian year.

Author: Christopher Dorn