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Girl Like Me

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The Healing Restoration of Christ

We all, at times, have felt that we are “past the point of no return” in some situations. Perhaps we made a decision and now must suffer the consequences, since it’s too late to turn back. Fortunately for us, God does not share that sentiment; there isn’t anything or anyone that can keep us from the love of God.

This is no better illustrated than in the parable of the Prodigal Son. Although the son disrespects his father, demands his inheritance immediately, and wastes all the resources that he was given, he is welcomed home with open arms. He experiences the restoration of his relationship with his father.

Healing and restoration are always at the core of our Father’s heart. So why is it so hard at times to receive His open arms of love after we’ve failed as His child?

Join author Marcia A. Yetman as she uses this book to speak to those who are still crippled by past failures and shares her journey of freedom and restoration in Christ.

Author: Marcia A. Yetmen