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Journey to Purpose: A Journey Worth Taking

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Discover God’s unique, world-changing purpose hidden inside of you!

What is your purpose? Have you ever stopped to think about how you fit into God’s greater plan and what role He designed you to play? Have you had thoughts of purpose, but felt too insignificant or lost to embark on the journey of discovering your unique purpose? Do you long for purpose, but have no idea where to start?

Everyone’s purpose is different—and so is the journey you must undergo to discover and fulfill it. You may have lived a life that is good, bad, hurtful, painful, happy, sad, devastating, but God weaves them together with threads of grace and forgiveness, healing and restoration. He takes your life as a whole and uses it for His purpose and your good.  

The journey requires perseverance and a commitment to personal honesty. In this six-week study, Nichole shows you how to:

Reveal your hidden purpose…

Accept your unique purpose…

Step into your extraordinary purpose...

Along the way, you’ll learn valuable lessons from real people throughout the Bible that labored to find their purpose, you’ll reflect on fresh insights, you’ll pray for God’s guidance, and begin living out your newfound purpose.

This is your journey. Let’s get started.

Author: Nichole Chavez