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Lifestyle of the Cross

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The message of the Cross

Some have chosen to emphasize its suffering; others have chosen to emphasize its victory. The truth lies in the balance.

When we follow Christ according to our own notions of what the message of the Cross means — or what we want it to mean — we “invent” a new kind of discipleship that is different from that of which Jesus would approve.

Lifestyle of the Cross is an insightful guide for Christians who want to broaden their understanding of the Cross and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Religious scholar and pastor Dr. Robin Riggs leads readers to discover for themselves how the Cross must not be deprived of suffering or victory. Instead, a proper balance between both must be taught to truly align with the message of the New Testament.

In a day of pop religion, when Jesus is sold as “the next great thing”, Dr. Riggs offers a biblical, accessible study of what it really means to follow Jesus. It means a lifestyle of the Cross.

Author: Dr. Robin A. Riggs