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New Life in Christ Visitor Welcome Pack

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Introducing our New Life in Christ Visitor Welcome Pack – a thoughtfully curated bundle designed to warmly welcome and engage every visitor during the Easter season. Whether they're skeptics, children, or seekers, this pack ensures a meaningful touch point for each individual stepping into your church.

What's Included:

  1. That's Why We Call Him Messiah Gift Book (10 copies)
  2. Jesus Loves You Coloring Book (10 copies)
  3. Living an Abundant Christian Life (10 copies)

Why choose the New Life in Christ Visitor Welcome Pack?

Versatility for Every Visitor:

This bundle caters to a diverse audience, ensuring that each visitor, whether skeptic, child, or seeker, finds a meaningful connection to the message of Easter.

Thoughtful Touch Points:

With three distinct elements, there's a touch point for everyone – from the intellectual exploration in That's Why We Call Him Messiah to the interactive joy of coloring with Jesus Loves You and the capstone teachings in Living An Abundant Christian Life

Perfect for Easter Church Visitors:

Elevate the Easter experience for visitors at your church by offering them a warm and engaging welcome. This pack is designed to foster a sense of belonging and connection during the Easter season.

Ensure that your church becomes a place of warmth, inclusion, and inspiration for every visitor this holiday season with the New Life in Christ Visitor Welcome Pack. Order now and create lasting impressions of love, joy, and community in the hearts of those who walk through your doors.