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Not On My Watch: Practical Principles for Planting, Pastoring, and Preaching the Word of God

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Is your church bound by history, culture, or traditions set by your denomination or those set by the church itself? Are you exhausted by the time you spend in church that has nothing to do with your spiritual growth or purpose?  

The truth is, many church members understand religion, but don’t understand a right-relationship with Christ. They sit in the pews, every week, absorbing information about Jesus Christ but don’t know Him intimately or experientially. In his book, Gagging on Gnats While Swallowing Camels: Removing Non-Biblical Practices from the Church    Dr. Robert L. Williams offers practical principles for leading and maintaining a New Testament church

This book also includes a collection of true stories and expository preaching outlines and it is written for believers striving to know and do the will of God in unscriptural situations.

Williams answers questions like, “What does it really mean to be a New Testament church?” and “What are the key traits of a healthy pastor or leader?” Whether you’re a church leader or member, this book will show you what a healthy New Testament church looks like. It will inspire you to stand against the resistance every pastor or member faces when calling for change so that Christ, in all things may have the preeminence.

Author: Robert Williams