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Outcast: The Journey of a Leper’s Daughter

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Living in exile

Leprosy. It was a disease that plagued the ancient world but has long been forgotten by most in the 21st century. That is unless you live in places such as India, where leprosy has not been eradicated.

Latika was just 13 years old when her father was diagnosed with leprosy. Being thrown out of the only home her family had ever known, they wander from village to village seeking a new place to live. Finally, they find a one-room home in the village of Jaipur—in a leper colony of 250 families.

Living in a rat-infested village and being forced into prostitution, Latika yearns to escape the darkness that threatens to smother her. The puppet-man, Joshua, talks about love in a way she has never experienced. Will she ever experience this love Joshua talks about?

Based on true stories, join author Fern Reynolds in Outcast: The Journey of a Leper’s Daughter, to learn how leprosy affects the people of India and experience the plight of a young girl and her journey to joy and fulfillment.