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In ministry, it’s easy to let the urgent keep you from the important

How many times have you started a week with intentionality, only to reach the week feeling unaccomplished and still unprepared for Sunday?

These simple pages can help prevent that. There’s one page for each week of the year, with plenty of space for you to focus in on what matters and insights about what’s coming in your church. You’ll learn a little but plan a lot.

Now in the 2023 Edition:

Reflection: This is a simple place for you to reflect on the last week and capture a lesson learned.

Focus on desired outcomes: When you get to the end of the week, what results do you want to celebrate? Outcomes aren’t tasks; they are achievements.

Action items: Jot down a few key tasks for the week, making sure they are connected to your desired outcomes.

People: Remember, ministry is about people so ask God to bring these relationships to mind. Verse of the Week: Think and meditate on verses as you move throughout your week.