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Praying with Power & Purpose

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A Special Edition of Power Through Prayer and Purpose in Prayer

When E.M. Bounds began to pray—to really pray—his life was transformed.

In these two classic Christian texts, Bounds tells us what a life on his knees in prayer taught him and can teach us: a personal, transparent prayer life is nothing less than living in the presence of God.

Together at last in one easy-to-read volume, in these classics you’ll discover:

  • How prayer unlocks and fuels your spiritual growth.
  • How prayer can become a natural rhythm in your day.
  • How your prayers can unleash the power of God in the world…and your life. And to enhance your experience, you’ll find:
  • Margin Notes providing definitions and Scripture references.
  • Wide Margins perfect for jotting down your insights.
  • A Reading Plan & Discussion Questions to get conversations started for reading this book together with friends, family, a book club, or small group

Edward McKendree (E.M.) Bounds (1835-1913) was a minister whose intimate knowledge of prayer was formed by both study and practice. He knelt daily in prayer from 4 to 7 a.m., discovering in the process how prayer deepened and defined his spiritual life.

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