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Radical Change

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A lesson in Christian apologetics

Secular humanism has a powerful influence on society as a whole—from the argument that God is not a present and omnipotent force, to the complete denial of His existence.

Many claim the only thing they can be certain of is what science has proved to be true. As Christians, we need to understand the limitations of science and demonstrate the consistency of science with a biblical worldview.

Even the Apostle Paul, when he was in Athens, catered to his audience; they were religious but did not know the one true God. He used their curiosity about “an unknown god” to argue that Christ was, in fact, the one they were searching for. He met his audience where they were and explained the gospel in a way that made sense to them.

Join author Scott Leone as he guides the reader through a series of fictional interactions between a committed humanist, and a Christian, as they debate the Christian worldview.

Author: Scott Leone