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Renew: A Missional Movement for the None, Done, and Undone

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Many of us see American Christianity in decline and believe it is time for the church to reposition itself to meet the needs of the world just outside its doors.

There Must Be a Better Way

The numbers tell the tale. Millions have left the church over the past five decades. Multiplication in churches is often the result of transfer growth. The majority of the next generation finds Christianity irrelevant. And a truly post-Christian era has ushered in the reality that what used to be mainstream thinking has failed to address the larger questions in our culture.

What Is Working?

Loosely based networks of Christian outposts across America are bringing together smaller communities of faith as alternatives to the mainstream church. Those involved in these expressions of “church” find a close-knit, committed group to be accountable to and a newfound missional purpose. The result is a larger movement of believers who want to authentically reach, teach, and create true followers of Jesus.

Where Do We Begin?
RENEW is a spiritual movement to discover a life worth living. It’s built on the premise that two core relationships (with God and others) help us experience, educate, and serve so we can connect to a purpose greater than ourselves. It encompasses the best of all great movements, heralds back to the original movement of Jesus, and longs for the rule and reign of God to once again become viral.

RENEW: A Missional Movement for the “None, Done, and Undone” is for those wrestling with what it means to be the church—not just go to church. It is meant to be read and discussed with others as you walk through the chapters and study guide, propelling you to start a movement in your area and RENEW the souls of individuals who are looking to discover a life worth living.

Changing times create dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction without action leads to desperation.

Desperation leads to innovation.

Author: Robert Butler