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Rise Up: Choosing Faith over Fear in Christian Ministry

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Will I ever be able to overcome my fears of serving the Lord?

God’s calling isn’t always easy. In fact, there are times when we willingly choose our fears over our faith in God. We allow our fears to lead us in the opposite direction of serving Him.

Vanessa Myers, a ministry leader for over 17 years, tells women it’s time to allow God to free you from the fear that holds you back from serving Him.

What are you afraid of?

  • Not being good enough?
  • Failing?
  • Authority?
  • Change?

Using Scripture and stories that illustrate fear from the Bible, Vanessa shows readers how they can overcome and find freedom from the debilitating angst that holds them back in ministry. It’s time to rise up! You can overcome those fears and experience breakthrough so you can faithfully serve the Lord.

Author: Vanessa Myers