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Strong Ministry 9-Pack

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You know there are holes in your ministry. There are specific areas you wish you could focus on but you're too busy (and you're not sure where to start).

That's why we created the Strong Ministry 9-Pack.

Here's what you get:

  • Hospitality Ministry Guide – Prepare your hospitality team to welcome visitors.
  • Prayer Ministry Guide – Equip your prayer team to pray with boldness.
  • Outreach Ministry Guide – Ignite a passion for reaching the lost.
  • Small Group Ministry Guide – Train your small groups leaders to lead with vulnerability.
  • Children’s Ministry Guide – Help your children’s ministry grow and thrive.
  • Care & Visitation Ministry Guide – Equip your team to carry God’s grace into homes and hospital rooms.
  • Elders Ministry Guide Commission your elder teams to build unity.
  • Men's Ministry Guide – Strengthen your mens ministry in new ways.
  • Senior Adult Ministry Guide – Reach senior citizens and help them feel seen.

Get the Strong Ministry 9-Pack now and build a firm foundation at your church.