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The Anabaptist Evangelical Puzzle: Discovering How the Pieces Fit

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Finding Common Ground

A difference of opinion among believers isn’t a new issue. Even in the Bible, specifically Acts 15, we see a quarrel between champions of the gospel: Paul and Barnabas. The argument actually resulted in a split—Paul and Barnabas each went his own way.

How often do we discount other viewpoints or ideas because they simply don’t match up with our own? When it comes to the Christian faith, especially, we can spend an inordinate amount of time debating minor, non-salvation issues—instead of partnering together to achieve the ultimate goal of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to a desperate world.

Join author Darryl Klassen as he uses his own faith journey as a guide to help show how these two distinct ideologies are intertwined and how they can work together to further the Kingdom. In The Anabaptist-Evangelical Puzzle: Discovering How the Pieces Fit, readers will learn how to define “Evangelical” and “Anabaptist,” and explore how to carefully merge these two ideologies into a gospel message to reach the world around them.

Author: Darryl Klassen