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The Lion, The Church, and the Warfare

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Christians across the world face a real and active enemy. Satan is as real as Jesus Christ, and seeks to oppose God and destroy the work of the saints at every turn.

This invisible battle is felt throughout the church, with believers called to be spiritual warriors and fight in God’s army. The enemy’s machinations are hard at work within every community of faith, seeking to divide and devour vulnerable souls and rob us of our joy found in Christ.

In this book is a field manual for those who wish to engage in active spiritual warfare and come out victorious for the glory of God. The insights and steps found within are strategic, based on intense observation, grounded in Biblical fact, and, most of all, founded on the conviction that Christ’s triumph over sin, death, and the devil is assured in the end.

As president of Reformed Episcopal Seminary (1988-91), Nyack College (1993-2005), and Pillar College since 2007, Dr. David Schroeder enjoys both the board room and the classroom, where he practices his passion of raising disciples for Jesus Christ from the next generation. Having founded MasterWorks, Inc. in 1990, Schroeder continues to share his teachings from his numerous books and publications throughout many countries and churches. He has been pastor of churches in New York, New Jersey, New England, and England, and continues being a spiritual father to many young people.

Author: David Shroeder