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The "S" Word

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Demonstrating love through deference 

When you see a yield sign, the traffic laws dictate that you must defer to oncoming cars from another lane or those merging. It is the natural order, and if you choose to disregard this warning, there could be severe consequences or destruction.

In certain connotations, the term to yield could also be rephrased as to submit. Much like the yield sign, God’s law commands us to be “submitting to one another in the fear of God,” in Ephesians 5:21. If we discount this command, similarly to ignoring a traffic sign, the results could be catastrophic, causing pain and even the destruction of our relationships.

Submission is an unpopular topic, because this action requires a great deal of selflessness and putting aside of our own desires. This is an extremely counterculture principle, even for Bible-believing Christians.

Join the GR8 Relationships ministry in The S-Word to learn what biblical, holy submission looks like in a godly relationship.

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Book 6/8 of GR8 Relationship Series
116 pages