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THRIVE: A 90-Day Planner to Fuel a Life of Faith and Purpose

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Welcome to Thrive, a 90-day planner to fuel a life of faith and purpose!

Most planners help you sort out your schedule…period.

But the Thrive planner also gives you tools to track how you’re growing and developing over time—personally, professionally, and most important of all: spiritually.

You’ll see how tiny accomplishments lead to greater things, and how small decisions can fuel a life of purpose and passion.

  • Daily Bible Passages set the stage for spiritual insights as the Holy Spirit helps you see God working in and through you.
  • My Prayer is the spot for you to invite God into your day.
  • Gratitude blocks infuse your day with joy as you consider how you’re blessed.
  • Today’s Declaration prompts you to see yourself as God sees you: loved, secure, and empowered to change the world.
  • Body/Exercise lets you write whatever you intend to do to increase your physical health.
  • Today’s Habit lets you identify a habit you’d like to form.
  • Priorities is where you’ll list what’s truly important to get done each day.
  • Check-In Boxes are where you’re honest about those priorities.
  • Schedule is an at-a-glance look at the day.
  • Tasks/To Dos includes the big stuff, little stuff—all your stuff.
  • High/Low lets you track the day’s wins.

With help from this practical resource, your spiritual journey over the next three months is going to be amazing–and you will thrive!