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Unfragmented: Shalom in a Shattering World

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Once upon a time, in the Garden of Eden we were whole. And then we weren’t.

Since that time we have lived in chaos and confusion as all of the earth groans. We all yearn to return to beauty, balance and harmony, but find it increasingly difficult as we become more fragmented and torn by the ragged shards of the world we live in.

Our Creator has something different in mind for his believers. He wants restoration for the creation that existed without sin, corruption and evil. He wants us to experience the lushness of the land that he created for those who are faithful and answer his call to holiness.

Unfragmented will answer these questions and more:

  • How can we experience God’s intended harmony and balance now? What is our stewardship responsibility to creation?
  • Does it mean a radical agenda or is it simply a return to nurturing the earth through loving attention to God’s design for it?
  • What is wholeness?
  • What will creation be like when sin, corruption and evil are removed from the world?

Captivated by the biblical vision of shalom, Paul Martin shares reflections on the Creator’s master plan—the shalom Kingdom—the then, the now, and the yet-to-be.

Author: Paul W. Martin