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Walk on the Wild Side With God: Facing Death, God, and a Faith-Filled Future

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Spiritual Trailblazing

Growing up, we all learned in school about the explorers—the individuals who ventured into the unknown and discovered new lands. We learned about inventors—the discovery of electricity, the first airplane flight, and the first computer ever created.

We marveled at their courage to take risks and seek adventure. So why are we so hesitant to do it in our own lives? Many of these individuals didn’t have a map nor a blueprint for how to accomplish their goals, but we do. With Christ as our North Star, and the Bible as our roadmap, we are far more equipped to embark on any adventure He leads us into—as long as we trust Christ completely.

Join authors Paul Becker and Amy Bayer as they bring readers along for real-life adventures and discover the treasure of living by faith, wherever Christ may lead.

Authors: Paul Becker & Amy Bayer
Details: 144 pages