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What Would Jesus Do?

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A Special Edition of In His Steps

Charles Sheldon first shared this story, one chapter a week, with his church on Sunday evenings…and attendance skyrocketed. Why? Because those who heard it perched on the edge of their pews, captivated and inspired.

You’ll feel the same as you experience the story that sparked the global “What Would Jesus Do?” movement. It’s a question that has the power to change lives…including yours.

In this special edition you’ll find…

  • Margin Notes that provide context for the story as it unfolds, and offer simple definitions of some of the more archaic words and phrases in the text.
  • Wide Margins perfect for jotting notes and ideas prompted by this compelling story.
  • A Reading Plan & Discussion Questions to get conversations started for reading this book together with friends, family, a book club, or small group.

Charles M. Sheldon (1857-1946) was a Congregationalist minister who introduced the question, “What Would Jesus Do?” in the book In His Steps which has sold more than 50 million copies.

Preview the first 20 pages here.