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When God Is In The Classroom

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The need for God’s presence  

Teachers experience insurmountable challenges every day as they seek to carry out their responsibilities. Some days are so difficult that teachers are left feeling completely defeated, yet Christian teachers are not alone in their classrooms. They are indwelled, equipped, and empowered by the Holy Spirit as He beckons them to recognize that His Presence is their lifeline. God is in the classroom because of His ever-present nature.

As Christian teachers live in awareness of God’s presence in their classroom, they are encouraged to not grow weary in their God-given responsibilities. Instead, they must remember that they are strengthened by God’s Spirit to be the hands and feet of Christ in their respective callings.

Join authors Laura Ackley and Briana Whistler as they encourage teachers in a variety of classroom settings—public school, private school, homeschool, or Sunday school—to be the image of Christ through their actions and love for their students and co-workers. This month-long devotional provides readers with a daily memory verse, extended reading passages, a devotional thought, and an application section—written to encourage and inspire teachers to recognize the implications of their union with Christ.

Authors: Laura Ackley & Briana Whistler