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Yellow Balloons: Power for Living Life Above the Circumstances

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The day began like any other, but during the afternoon of September 18, 2015, the tiny heart of 22 month old Moriah Constance Wimberley would stop beating - only to never start again. It would be out of this unimaginable anguish that a West Texas oil man and his family would never view life the same again. Yellow Balloons - Power for Living Life Above the Circumstances is both a memorial and testimony to Moriah’s young life and how each of us can be blessed and empowered to live life above the agonies, the drudgeries, and the successes of our “two-minute ride” here on earth.

Drawing from a tested, but unwavering faith in God and His revealed truth in Scripture, Tim shares a better way to view life and challenges the believer to embrace their inner superhero, realizing they have been called to fight an evil superpower that is often cloaked in the ordinary and where more often than not, they feel like the underdog rather than the superhero God has empowered them to be.

Author: Tim Dunn