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You Misspelled Christian: How to Bring Heaven to your Current Circumstances

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Watch out! It’s a Christian!

Does the word “Christian” make you—or everyone around you—cringe?

The instant you tell someone you’re a Christian or go to church, a million negative associations often zip through their mind: hypocrite, narrow-minded, bigoted, anti-science, racist, sexist, or worse.

What about authentic? Loving? Forgiving? Compassionate? How did the idea of what it means to be a Christian become so distorted in the modern church culture that we’ve lost sight of its original purpose—to live as Jesus Christ did?  

Pastor and author Rob Shepherd takes a humorous, but poignant look at how the focus of Christianity has shifted to be more self-focused, rather than Jesus-focused, and takes readers back to the essentials of Christ’s original message: to love God and love others!

With practical life lessons and relevant spiritual insights, Shepherd offers relief for those weary of the “Sunday morning march” and want to experience a true renewal of the heart and soul and restore the original definition of what it means to live as a follower of Christ.

Author: Rob Shepherd