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Your Spiritual Birthday: Rejoice and Celebrate

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“Pick a date and celebrate”

Who doesn’t enjoy celebrating birthdays? The cake? The greetings? The gifts? A happy time with family and friends!

Every believer has a Spiritual Birthday - the day they surrendered their life to Christ. The angels of God in heaven rejoice over every sinner who repents. We must join in the celebration.

Imagine the impact of millions of Christians rejoicing and celebrating their Spiritual Birthdays every year. The church must encourage adopt this outreach opportunity,

Discover ways to rejoice and celebrate your Spiritual Birthday and to share Your Spiritual Birthday Story year after year. 

Your Spiritual Birthday book includes: a page to list your family and friend's Spiritual Birthdays, a Spiritual Birthday song, and a Spiritual Birth Certificate for you to sign to record your spiritual birth.

Author: James B. Siebken